Home Health Aide Duties Checklist

A home health aide duties checklist provides a list of what the primary responsibilities are for the individual that is working in this capacity. The responsibilities may include any number of tasks, such as stocking supplies, bed and bathroom assistance, dressing assistance, meal preparation and more.

Details for Home Health Aide Duties Checklist

1. Stock items for their designated area.

A home health aide will be in charge of keeping the assigned room organized and tidy. They will stock up on supplies such as pillows, towels, soap, toilet paper and more.

2. Prepare their designated area for the visits of the patient.

A home health aide must make sure that the bathroom is clean and ready for each visit with a patient. Additionally, they must put out any items needed to make patients feel comfortable when they arrive in order to ease any anxiety that may be present due to sickness or injury requirements such as magazines or an armrest chair.

3. Provide assistance to prepare meals.

A home care worker is responsible for making sure that they take plenty of time preparing meals. They must ensure that fresh food is purchased before the meals are prepared. Additionally, they will generally be required to make sure that they act as a server and make sure that the meal is served to patients properly and in a timely manner. Other tasks may include cleaning up after the meal or helping with cleanup if it is needed or requested.

4. Assist with the care of their designated area by performing tasks such as changing linens, doing laundry and cleaning.

A home health aide must prepare for laundry day by ensuring that they gather all of the dirty linens and clothes from the designated area and putting them in a bucket for washing or disposal in a separate bucket for washing when it's time for this task to be completed. Additionally, they must make sure to finish the laundry services in a timely manner prior to the arrival of the patient.

5. Set up their designated area so that it presents a healthy appearance and is properly staged, while ensuring that they have an appropriate lighting system in place.

Throughout this task, a home health aide must ensure that they put all medical supplies in order, be sure to keep blankets neat and tidy, as well as ensuring that pillows are fluffed. Additionally, lighting will be set up such that they are comfortable and within a range that is best suited for each patient's needs when they arrive at their designated area.

6. Allow the patient to shower or bathe in full privacy, providing help where necessary.

As part of this task, the home health aide must clean and sanitize the shower area daily in order to allow patients to bathe without worry that they are dirtying their surroundings. Additionally, a home worker must make sure that they have hand towels available for individuals with sensitive skin as well as providing any assistance that may be needed by a personal discomfort while bathing.

7. Perform other tasks that are specified by the discharge planner or nurse aide assessment team member prior to being hired (such as training in CPR).

A staff member will often be asked to take basic instruction in CPR prior to being hired, such as learning how to properly put on and remove an airway from a patient. Of course, this is not required, but it is a tip that may be requested when hiring a new employee.

8. Complete paperwork and other documentation that is required by the company to ensure proper patient care and record keeping.

Along with registering new patients with the home health care facility and filling out the requisite paperwork, staff must also complete any documents or forms that are needed when it comes time for patients to leave.

9. Maintain a clean work area.

A home health aide must always keep the room that they are assigned to clean neat and tidy. They will be responsible for ensuring that trash is disposed of and cleaned every day, as well as making sure to place all medical supplies in order before locking up for the night.

10. Behave in a professional manner at all times, ensuring that they have good communication skills, as well as being careful not to engage in rude or uncouth behavior when speaking with the patients or others within the home health care facility.

A home health aide must be very conscious of their speech and conduct when interacting with patients and other staff members while at work, especially while preparing meals or washing dishes.

FAQ for Home Health Aide Duties Checklist

Am I required to complete a home health aide training program before being hired?

The answer is yes. Most states require that you first complete a training program before being hired to work as a home health aide. Of course, there are some places that will choose to hire without any requirements such as these. However, most will require that new employees be trained in preparation for their jobs prior to being hired. In addition, you may be required to have in-service training periodically while working with your organization.

Do I need any previous experience?

In most cases, no experience is required before taking the position of a home health aide. Of course, there are exceptions to this rule, such as when a new employee is replacing one that has left the home health care facility. In cases like these, a little experience may be called for. Generally, most home health facilities will only ask for previous experience if it's absolutely necessary. In most cases, the job of a home health aide is simple enough that anyone can do it with only minimal training and preparation.

Are there any age requirements when it comes to taking a position as a home health aide?

Most employers will allow applicants to work as a home health aide regardless of age. There are no maximum age restrictions in most states, so as long as you can perform the duties of a home health aide, you will likely be able to get a job.

Can I work for any home health care facility that I choose?

The answer is not necessarily. While most people have the opportunity to take a job with any facility that they choose, there are some that require prior approval before hiring employees for this position. You may also have to apply for employment and take an entrance exam before being considered for employment by your company of choice.

How much money can I expect to make working as a home health aide?

In most cases, the average salary for a home health aide is around $20 to $27 per hour. The starting salary is usually a little less than this, such as around $18 per hour. However, as your skills and experience increase, so will your pay.

How many hours am I expected to work each week as an employee of a home health care facility?

As you know, most companies will require their employees to work only at specific hours that are scheduled by the company. Most home health aides are required to work Monday through Friday between the hours of 8:30am and 5:30pm, with some exceptions noted in specific states. The work week may also include Saturday, depending on the position and the hours that are expected of the employee. In most cases, home health aides will be asked to do overtime in order to complete any necessary paperwork and other tasks that may need to be completed for patient care.

Can I take a sick day if I'm not feeling well?

The answer is yes, you can take a sick day any time that you feel like you're too ill or injured to work as an aide. However, there will usually be some sort of instruction as to how much notice is required when taking a sick day from work.

In Summary

This checklist is extremely useful for many different types of healthcare industries. In particular, it’s useful for home health aides. The reason for this is because these individuals are often required to do a variety of different activities. For example, an aide may be asked to start the day off by going through the home and preparing everything that needs to be done so that the day can be accomplished successfully. The aide will also often be involved in cleaning up after patients leave the home as well as helping to take care of any other tasks that may need to be completed throughout the day. With this checklist, you can make sure that you’ve made all appropriate checks and haven’t left anything out so that your job will go smoothly throughout the day.