New Student Checklist

It is important to have a list of things new students need. It is also important to have a list of things that are not necessary, but can help them. A list will be able to help them with school preparations and transition into their new environment. It could also help with finances and mentally prepare them for what they will face at school.

Details for New Student Checklist

1. Student handbook and other paperwork;

A new student needs to read their student handbook and learn about their schedule, rules, expectations, etc. This can help them especially when they first come to the school. It can also help with understanding where their classes are located and what equipment is in the classroom. It can give them some idea of what else is needed for school to go smoothly.

2. Proof of immunizations;

This is important for new students because they will need to show that they have had their shots. It is also good to keep a record of this in case there are any future medical needs.

3. Documentation for food allergies;

.If a new student has food allergies, it is important for the school to be aware. This way, they can make sure that the student does not come into contact with anything that could trigger an allergic reaction. It is also important to have this information in case of an emergency.

4. Health form;

A new student will need to fill out a health form in order to get their school ID card. This form will ask about their medical history and current medications. It is important to be honest on this form so that the school can best serve the student's needs.

5. Transportation information from parents or guardians;

This is important for new students because they will need to know how they are getting to and from school. If they are taking the bus, they will need to know their route number and stop times. If they are being dropped off, they will need to know the address and phone number of the school.

6. Additional books/supplies needed for classes;

New students will need to purchase any additional books or supplies that are required for their classes. This can be done before school starts or during the first week of class. It is important to have all of the required materials so that the student can be successful in their classes.

7. Laundry list;

A new student will need to create a list of items that need to be laundered. This can include clothes, bedding, towels, etc. It is important to have this list so that the student knows what needs to be done and when it needs to be done.

8. Space for lunch and snacks for the first month or so;

To get settled in, new students should plan on bringing their own food for the first month or so. That way, they can figure out the lunch schedule and explore the area for good places to buy snacks and meals.

9. Choice of school uniform (new students need to provide a copy of the uniform in advance) -some of this is optional but some items are required (by law, they must have these items if they are new students);

Some schools require that new students submit a copy of their uniform in advance. This way, the school can make sure that the student has the correct items and that they fit properly. It is important to have the correct uniform so that the student can be in compliance with the school's dress code.

FAQ for New Student Checklist

What happens when the school receives the checklist?

A copy of the checklist is sent to the principal and documenting officer, who will then meet with the new student, make sure they are prepared to attend school and invite them to join their class

Do I have to send copies of medical records?

No, but each student that comes here should check with their parents to see if there are any health issues they need to take care of before you do. Healthy kids are healthier as well as happy students so be sure yours don't come here with any problems (and this goes for everyone).

Can I have a list of names for my new student?

This is against the law, we have no way of finding out if students are new or not. We know who comes here and what they are, once they are here we can't give them any info about other schools.

Will I be notified when my new student arrives?

If you have given us your email address, we will send you an email whenever the student fills out the checklist and gives us your school's information (your class will be able to see that you are their parent, as well).

What if a new student fails to bring in the paperwork?

They will be denied a class enrollment and they will have to start their schooling at another time, most likely during summer school. If they don't receive the checklist, they'll have to wait until the next day, hope none of the teachers have filled up their classes and try again.

My new student has arrived and I think they are too old for my class?

Too bad, you're stuck with them. It's not their fault they were bad at math or something. Be sure they come in with the right paperwork and be nice to them.

In Summary

The new student checklist is a useful tool that schools and parents can use to get new students enrolled in a school quickly, easily and smoothly. However, because there are different requirements for every school, it is important to look over the checklist carefully and make sure that it contains everything the school will need in order to enroll the student.