Road Test Checklist

A vehicle’s road test checklist is an important list that should be checked off before driving your car in public. By being prepared for every eventuality, you will be able to complete your driving experience without any problems. When following this sequence of steps, you gain confidence and complete peace of mind that you are leaving nothing behind. The preparation offered by having a road test checklist also ensures you know where all of the most important parts are that need replacing or repair.

1. Get car insurance

Get your car insurance checked.

2. Check Windscreen Wipers

Check for a smooth and clear wiper motion.

3. Check Tire Pressure and Tread Depth

Check for correct tires pressure and tread depth.

4. Perform a check-up on the car engine

Inspect all fans, belts, hoses and other related parts with signs of wear, leaking fluids or anything else that could cause further damage to any part of the engine.

5. Checking All Lights and their Function

Headlights, indicators, fog lights etc.

6. Check Brake Fluid Level

Check brake fluid level which is located in the master cylinder reservoir.

7. Check Brake Fluid Warning Light on Dash

Check for a broken or cracked hose, or leaky brake lines.

8. Check Horn Button

Test horn to make sure it is functioning properly.

9. Check that you have a valid license

If you are not licensed, visit your local DMV.

10. Return the Key to the Valid Driver

Return the keys to the valid driver and make sure that they have possession of their current license.

11. Check for Oil Leaks

Check for signs of oil leakage from the engine or transmission, or any part of the car you may find is leaking.

FAQ for Road Test Checklist

Can you tell me how to do a road test checklist for my car?

You are required to get a road test checklist for your car from the DMV. You need to know how to do these steps in order to pass your driver's test. The following are the steps:

1. Make sure the car is in good working condition. All lights should be working, including brake lights, turn signals, and headlights. The tires should be inflated to the proper pressure and have enough tread. The windshield should be clean with no cracks or chips.

2. Know the route you will be taking for the test. This will help you relax and not worry about getting lost.

3. Have your license and registration ready to show the examiner.

4. Be prepared to answer questions about your car, such as how to turn on the headlights or where the emergency brake is located.

5. During the test, follow all instructions from the examiner. Drive defensively and be aware of other cars on the road.

6. After the test, be sure to thank the examiner for their time.

How much is it going to cost me in insurance if I get a fault on my drivers' test?

If you fail the driver's test, then you may have one of two outcomes, depending on the fault. If your car hits another car or person, then you will have an insurance increase of $5,000. If you fail the test because you fail to show up or you are over the legal limit of alcohol, then your insurance will increase by $500.

What should I do if I pass my test and suddenly get a fault on my car?

There is a possibility that your fault may have been corrected, but there is a chance that the fault may not be corrected. If it is possible for your car to be corrected, then you are required to take it in for inspection at any DMV station in California. If this does not correct the fault, then unfortunately, your insurance rates will increase for some time after passing your driver's test.

Is there a way to get cheap car insurance if I have a fault on my drivers' test?

If you have a fault that is not resolved, then the best plan of action is to file an appeal of this decision. Even after passing your driver's test, you are still required to change your insurance company. This will allow you to save up some money and not pay extra premiums for having passed your driver's test.

In Summary

A road test checklist gives you peace of mind and ensures that nothing is forgotten when preparing to do your road test. A road test checklist gives you the knowledge that you are prepared and ready to go through with this important step without having a problem. Having the knowledge that everything that has been overlooked or forgotten will be checked off the list by using a road test checklist is essential before driving in public.